Addressing “undruggable” intracellular targets in oncology

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We are a biopharmaceutical company devoted to the development of a new class of therapeutics to address unmet medical needs in cancer.

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Libera Bio aims at changing cancer therapy by allowing biologics to cross the cell membrane and reach “undruggable” intracellular targets:  the “Holy Grail” in oncology

Libera Bio leverages  its unique proprietary nanotechnology to hold and protect biologicals (e.g., antibodies) in the blood stream following IV administration and to deliver them intracellularly to tumor cells and to metastatic cells

Libera Bio seeks to maximize the use of its technology with oncology biopharma partners, to offer patients new oncology breakthrough treatments based on intracellular delivery of biologics

Our team

Olivier R. Jarry
Olivier R. Jarry


María José Alonso
María José Alonso Fernández


Desiree Teijeiro
Desirée Teijeiro Osorio


Discover our MPN Technology®

Our patented MPN Technology® enables the discovery and development of new compounds involving intracellular biologics, especially monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), to successfully engage previously undruggable targets.

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Libera Bio lead target is Mutated KRAS:

KRAS is the Most Frequently Mutated Gene in Human Cancer (e.g. in 9 out of 10 Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma – PDAC)

The presence of mutant KRAS is associated with poor prognosis and resistance to chemotherapy and targeted treatments (e.g. EGFR)

Despite this important Unmet Medical Need, the development of effective anti-RAS therapies has been marred by more than three decades of failure

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Partnering & Investors

Libera Bio is open to licensing or partnering its MPN Technology® to develop or co-develop new cancer treatments based either on biologics or small molecules.

Partnering contact: Olivier Jarry,

Inquiries from potential investors in the next round of funding of Libera Bio are welcome.

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